How to memorize the Quran in less than 6 months

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Today I’m going to share the ultimate tips on memorizing the Quran with you guys.

Specifically, we’re going to talk about how to memorize the Quran. These tips I have followed myself throughout the entire duration of my own Hifz course, and I find them very useful and

Same print, same version

Tip number one, which is very commonsense, and you will hear this a lot is to use the same print, the same version from the same publication. It should start from the beginning of a verse and finish at the end of a verse.

It’s convenient and very reasonable. It makes sense for people to use this. I must memorize because you need to have a photographic memory or a map of where you’re reading. If you keep switching the most half from one print to another, you’re going to lose, not going to have a map of what you’re memorizing.

Record your progress

Whether on a card or in a pamphlet, it’s in a book recorded. Whatever you give to your teacher that specific day.

The lessons you give, the current juz you give, record all of that. Record the number of mistakes you make. The amount of time you got stuck and your teacher had to tell you to record all of that stuff.

So you can see your progress and how you’re performing, which will motivate you and push you to do better and better.

Find a suitable place

Tip number three is to find the best time in place. The best time can be whenever your mind is fresh. It could be after Fajr Salah or after lunch or afternoon. Wherever it is that you think you are rejuvenated and fresh,

Our teachers usually tell us to memorize after Maghrib Salah(evening) because after a long day, maybe in the afternoon, we have some recess. You go and play some sports, or maybe you take a nap, and after Maghrib, you have some newfound energy rejuvenated. This time would be an excellent time to start memorizing. Your mind is fresh.

memorize quran 6 months

Another thing is that to make sure that something was stored in your permanent memory, you need to be able to recall it after some time. If you rise in the morning and give it to your teacher an hour later, it’s still fresh, and you haven’t given some time for your brain to absorb that.
When you have something memorized fresh and give it, you’re not that confident with it, as opposed to something you memorized yesterday.

You’re giving it the next day, you’ve spent some time on it, slept on it, and he revised it on a different day. It just has a different level of retaining.

As for the best place, it can be the Mosque. It doesn’t have to be the Mosque. It can be your own house, living room, or bedroom, but the most important thing is that there’s no
distraction in that place, and there’s some air flowing; it’s not too hot or cold. You’re comfortable there. Feel at home there.

Make sure video games, TVs, phones, and your siblings stay away at that time. Try to start your memorization every day at the same time.

So, everyone in the house knows that, okay, my brother or my son or my daughter, they will start memorizing. Now he’s going to get in his zone. We cannot and should not bother them at that time. That one-hour window you have or two-hour window, you have to go beast mode, give it your all, and memorize to the best of your ability.


Tip number four

is to get right to the memorization.
Now you’ve found the time & the place, and now you’re about
to memorize it.

How should you memorize?

Should you start marking it?
Should you start writing it?

In some countries, they write them down on tablets. It works for them, but we don’t have that facility, and most of us can’t write that well.

So don’t waste time writing on a paper or highlighting or marking stuff. Get right to the memorization.

The memorization method

Tip number five

Different people have different memorization methods.
My father gave me this tip; he was also a Hafez. He told me this before I started memorizing.

He said you would read the first verse when you start memorizing. You start memorizing this repeatedly. However, you often need to repeat the verse and memorize it once it’s stored in your memory, then go to the next verse.

Memorize the next verse, then come back to the first
verse and read both verses together. Afterward,
go to the third verse; when you’re done with the third verse, go back to the first verse and read all three together.

Just like that until you come to although at the end of the page. When you come to the end of the page, you should be able to read the whole page from your memory. Whatever method you like, stick to that one method, and your brain will get used to it over time. You will be able to optimize that one specific method that you are comfortable with.

Tip number six

This is a crucial one after you’ve memorized a few verses.

Before you give it to your teacher, read it to as many classmates and friends as you can read it to one person. If you have a mistake, mark it down. Go back and fix it. You have to fix it before you give it to your teacher because once you memorize it with a mistake and nobody catches it, maybe in your lifetime you’ll never know, and even if you know, it will be challenging to fix it once you memorize it like that.

So before you register it in your brain, you’re ready to give it to your teacher. Read it to as many people as possible because we don’t want a single mistake. No matter how small the error is.

Everything is part of the Quran in the speech of Allah. We cannot add or delete or omit anything.


Tip number 7

You have memorized the Jews every single day. It would help if you were reading that Juz to your teacher the Juz that you’re remembering.

After you’re done with that, then you have to give one Juz from your previous memorization that you have done every day.

In the beginning, you can read one juz from your previous memorization, and then as your memorization bank grows, you should add to that juz and a half. In the end, you should give your teacher two Juz every day. It would help if you didn’t have too many mistakes in those, maybe a maximum of two errors.

Then your teacher has to tell you that’s a mistake. You should only give yourself two chances like that. If you have more than that then you have to repeat the Juz.

After you’re done with the Juz, you should give a test on that just to a teacher or someone who is very strict. Who will test you from the beginning to the end of that Juz.


Know your Mutashabihat well and her father. There are so many similar verses in the Quran. If you’re not focused, don’t know where you’re reading, or don’t follow along with where you are, you can easily drift off.

My teacher used to tell me that imagine this mutashabihat like you’re driving on the highway or motorway. When you see an exit, you must be careful to take the right portal. You don’t take the wrong door because you end up somewhere else or must come around and waste your time.

Tip number nine

You followed all of these tips and memorized the Quran well. Once you’re done memorizing the Quran, there’s something called the door of the Quran. You sit back for five-six months or even one year, depending on how old you are and how much time you have. You should repeat the Quran as much as possible every day for that whole year or six months.

Give two to three Juz to your teacher.

The last tip

Tip number ten

Show love, affection, respect, and honor to your teachers because they put so much work behind you. After a while, they also build love and affection for you. I know no teacher is not going to show it, but once you’re done, and you’re leaving, it’s as if they’re letting go of their child.

So love them, stay connected to them, and always call them. Respect them, honor them to the best of your ability, and of course, love and honor and respect and obey your parents because they are the ones. They’re making the sacrifice for you; they’re the ones who perhaps guided you to this path and will support you in your demanding and good times.

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