Worldly benefits of reciting Quran


Why should we read the Quran daily? I always suggest others read the Quran daily. You need to do that even if it’s five minutes, even if it’s one page. It would be best if you did that regularly.

Let us dive into some real concrete reasons why you should be reading the Quran and the benefits I find when reading daily.

Reminds you what’s important in your life 

Firstly, it reminds you of what is essential in life. What is important because you’re going to come up with challenges

against you, barriers, frustrations, heartbreak, death around you,

poverty, and so on. It would be best to remember that is not truly the most important thing. The most important thing is if Allah is pleased with you or not. Your fate forever and ever. Are you going to Jannah or Jahannam?

That’s what’s important the pleasure of Allah. Trying the best to ask for Allah’s forgiveness these are indeed what’s essential.

We will not discard the good things of this life entirely and try to achieve a lot in this life with the right intention. We don’t throw that side. But sometimes, when you’re feeling low, when something terrible happens, you need a reminder that it doesn’t matter too much. It’s not the end of the world.

For a Muslim, the end of the world means Judgment Day. The end of the world for us would be to go to Jahannam.

If you’re Muslim, worship Allah to your ability, believe in him, have the correct beliefs, pray, ask for forgiveness, etc., then Insha-Allah will be in Jannah.

The Quran is perfectly designed for that reminder. When reading it daily, and so many bad happen, you can remind yourself that’s the first thing.

Makes you more aware 

The second thing is it makes you aware of how the world works. This term or concept of Allah’s sunnah is how he designed the world to function naturally.

These trends play out over thousands of years if you know history. The same cycles happen again and again.

This is the nature that Allah placed in the world and in human beings that people will get great power, great wealth, excellent knowledge, and they’ll get arrogant. They fall, which happens a few hundred years later, etc.

Even in the basics of history, we see this happening. That includes some Muslim empires or kingdoms and stuff they got arrogantly; they forgot what they needed!

That’s just one example of the awareness you get from reading the Quran.

You remember that Allah created the sky and the heaven and the earth and all of that. When you’re walking, you see a cloud and think about it. You’re aware of the world around you. You’re

aware of Allah and his status in regards to you.

You know Allah is your Creator, and he knows better than you.

Allah is forgiving. He is Al-Jabar, powerfully strong.

You know that Allah did that when you see certain phenomena in nature.

It just keeps you aware.

Raises your Iman

Number three would be that your Iman(faith) will go up. Your knowledge will go up. That is not an abstract thing to say.

For your Eman to increase, you need two things. It would help if you had better worship and more knowledge of history and the Quran.

By reading the Quran, you’re both worshipping Allah and gaining knowledge sent by Allah.

In the Quran, Allah describes himself, his Sharia, and his words.

Your Eman will elevate because of that. It’s only natural to gain these little insights, even if it’s a little bit because you don’t understand too much. Little by little, your Iman is actually on its way up, and not to mention it’s an act of worship.

Purifies you

It will make your heart softer, and that’s the fourth point. Not just will your Iman go up and worship, but your heart is being cleansed.

By reading the Quran daily, we’re getting that cleanse. We’re being reminded how great Allah is; therefore, disobeying Him is a big deal. Therefore, Allah will forgive us if we ask, and we should ask.

If you read daily, you ask for forgiveness, do lessons, and have more shame. I’m ashamed to do sin because Allah is Al-Wadud

means so loving. Allah is Ar-Rahman. How can I disobey him when he did all this for me?

It is your heart being clean, having that shame getting and getting closer to your original disposition thousands of years after the creation of humans. We strayed a little bit, and many of us today were pretty astray.

It’s bringing you back to nature. The Quran says you know Allah made the sheep and the cows for you to ride on and eat.

He made the bees, which collect honey that is good for drinking and consuming.

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