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The miraculous story of Prophet Uzair(A)

Prophet Uzair(PBUH), also known as Ezra in English, was mentioned in the Quran only once in Surah Tawba, verse 30. Most scholars also believe that in surah Baqarah, verse 259 talked about Prophet Uzair as well

Back then, the children of Israel used to think that Prophet Uzair was the son of Allah(we seek refuge with Allah) because of his special miracle.

His story started when the king of Babylon destroyed Palestine and killed thousands. After that, Jerusalem became a ghost city.

Uzair with his donkey

One day Prophet Uzair(A) was crossing the city with his donkey. He became very sad to see that ruined city.

It was noon. Uzair(A) rested under a tree and ate some of his food. He thought about how

Allah could ever bring back life into that city!

Allah took away his life and gave him death to set an example. He remains dead for 100

years! During that 100 years, Palestine became a famous town once again with the help of the Persian King.

Everything has changed. After 100 years, Allah gave Prophet Uzair(A) his life back and sent an angel to him.

Uzair woke up

When he woke up from his death or sleep, he could not recognize the place. The angel asked him how long did he sleep?

Prophet Uzair(A) replied that he might have slept for one day or a few hours because when he woke up, it was late afternoon.

He was the same age as before his death or sleep. Some historians say that he was 40 years old when Allah took his life.

Then the angel told him that he had been sleeping for 100 years. He was shocked and didn’t know what to say.

The angel showed Prophet Uzair’s(A) leftover food. That food did not change at all after a very long time!

Then the angel showed him his dead donkey. Its bones were very old and broken. Some of them turned into dust.

Like a miracle, all of the bones got together and joined with each other. The flesh was covering the food, and it’s got the donkey’s sheep.

When the dead donkey got back its life, it stood up and made a noise. Every action was happening in front of Prophet Uzair(A).

He was amazed and realized that it was very easy for Allah to do anything and everything. He prayed and thanked Allah for his lesson.

Uzair returned to his hometown after 100 years

Then he took his donkey and started his journey to his hometown. He could not recognize his home and the people. The people also did not know who he was. Finally, the Prophet found a very old woman who knew Prophet Uzair(A).

She was blind and could not walk because of her old age.

The Prophet asked her about his house and family. The old lady told him she knew one Uzair, who had been there a long, long ago. But he died a long time ago. No one knew about him anymore.

Prophet Uzair(A) told her that he was there and appeared upon him unless Allah took his life and gave his life back after 100 years.

The old lady could not believe that. She wanted to test him first. She said that if he truly was Prophet Uzair(A), pray to Allah for her eyes and health.

Uzair(A) prayed to Allah for her eyes and health. Like a miracle, she could open her eyes and see everything! She could also stand up by herself! When she saw Prophet Uzair(A) she recognized him immediately. She took Prophet Uzair(A) to his family.

Uzair meets his family

At that time, his older son was very old. Some historians say he was 118 years old, but Allah knows the best.

When the old lady introduced Prophet Uzair(A) as their father, they were shocked.

How could that young man be their father?

His older son knew that his father had a black mole on his shoulder. So he requested Prophet Uzair(A) to show his shoulder. He showed them his shoulder. His children recognized their father Uzair(A).

The people told him that after the king of Babylon burned all of their holy books, they did not know their holy book Torah.

They requested help from him to learn about their lost holy book, The Torah. Uzair(A) told them that he had one copy of the Torah hidden during his time.

He took the people to that hidden place to find the Torah.

And they found the Torah there, but it was very old.

No one could read anything from that old book. Everyone became very sad, but Prophet Uzair(A) told them that, he had memorized the Torah by his heart.

Rewriting the Torah

He started to write the Torah with the help of Allah, which is a part of the present Old Testament of the Bible.

From history, we know that he united all of the good Bani Israels during Prophet Uzair’s(A) time and established Allah’s laws.

With the help of the Persian king, he started to teach the people about Allah’s laws and forced the people to follow it. He also forced the people not to marry non-believers. The Persian king also helped Bani Israel rebuild the city wall to protect the people from their enemies during his time. It was a very good time for the children of Israel.

Allah blessed Bani Israel with Prophet Uzair(A).

Hostility of People

Bani Israelis were good for the next 200 years. But the people in northern Palestine did not accept the Prophet.

They even built a new Worship Center to attract the people. So, day by day, the people of Prophet Uzair(A) and the people of Northern Palestine started to hate one another.

Why did the people think he was the son of Allah?

Blind belief led them in the wrong direction.

The people changed the meaning of his miracles. People said that he came back from heaven and Allah. That’s why he could write the holy book of the Thora, which is not true.

So, a belief convinced the people that he was the son of Allah(we seek forgiveness in Allah)
In the Quran, Allah told us that all of his miracles were examples for the people. This is an example of the day of judgment.

With this example, Allah teaches us how powerful he is. For him, nothing is hard; everything is very easy for him. So, we should believe in him strongly. If we need anything, we should request directly from him and ask forgiveness for our mistake.

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