Short Surah in the Quran: Adiyat & Zilzal

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Surah Al-Adiyat

Before Islam, the people of Arabia used to worship many idols and false gods, which they made from their imagination. They forgot Allah’s real and true lord, the god that Prophet Adam, Ibrahim, Musa, Yusuf, and Isa (PBUT) believed in and worshiped.

The people also forgot about the day of judgment, and they became very greedy to be rich and powerful in this world. Because of their greed, they lost their moral and ethical beliefs and started doing all kinds of bad things.

Surah Al-Adiyat is a warning for those people.

surah al adiyat

Verses 1-5

Allah started the surah by swearing by war horses in the beginning. Allah describes a scene where people commit crimes by stealing, looting, and killing for money.

Then Allah says that he sent solid and powerful horses. For our benefit, the bad people used those horses for robbery to attack the people; because of their evil acts, the general people could not sleep safely at night.

Verses 6-8

Next, Allah reminds us that he gives us everything we need in this world as a gift. If we use those gifts with Allah’s laws and orders, we can live a happy and peaceful life in this world, but the people are ungrateful to Allah’s gifts or niyamah.

We use Allah’s gift in bad ways to become more rich and powerful, and people even know that they are doing bad things. In our life, we need to earn money.

But we should not become crazy about money.
For example, we need water to sail a boat. The water stays under the boat, but the boat will sink if the water gets into the boat.
In the same way, in our life, money is like water. We need money to live, but if we become too crazy for money, our life will be destroyed, just like the boat.

Verses 9-11

Allah reminds us about the day of judgment many times. We forget that this world is not our real home. One day we have to die, and then on the day of judgment, Allah will give us our life back.

The people who ignore the judgment day are the ones who don’t follow Allah’s laws and orders, and they destroy the peace in this world.

But on that judgment day, all of our good and bad deeds will be counted, and even secret good and bad actions will be counted on that day.

No one can hide anything from Allah. His judgment will be fair to all the people. No one will have any complaints about his judgment, and in this world, we judge people by seeing only their actions, but we don’t know their true intentions or what’s in their hearts. But on the day of judgment, Allah will see all of our actions and the intentions in our hearts.

Teachings of Surah Al-Adiyat

This surah gives us two important lessons. The first lesson is that we need to be grateful to Allah for his gifts and stay away from the trap of unnecessarily worldly needs.

The second lesson reminds us that if we don’t believe in the akhirah or the day of judgment, we will go on the wrong path and start to do bad things. So we should be thankful to Allah and strongly believe in the day of judgment where every one of our actions and intentions will be counted and judged.

Important Facts of Surah Al-Adiyat

  1. The first word of the surah names it.
  2. Allah sent this surah during the first few years of Islam
  3. “Adiyat” means hunter
  4. Surah Al-Adiyat is the 100th surah in the Quran.
  5. It has only 11 short verses. 
  6. Those who don’t believe in the akhirah or the day of judgment can do any bad jobs
  7. Our hearts’ good and bad thinking also is important on the day of judgment

So, with all of this quranic information, may Allah help us understand the lessons of Surah Al-Adiyat and apply all the lessons to our life. 

Surah Zilzal

Before Islam came, people did not have a clear idea about the day of judgment.

Surah Zilzal shows and describes the preparation for judgment day and how the judicial process will occur.

Summary of Surah Zilzal

The surah starts preparing for judgment day after Allah destroys the living creatures. Allah will do the final shake of the earth and form the biggest earthquakes.

Then all the people’s bodies will come out from the earth inside, and everyone will get their life back.

Story of Prophet Uzair(A)

Sometimes people question how Allah will give us life after our death, and we can find one story from the Quran.

One day Prophet Uzair(A) was riding his donkey through a destroyed city. He wondered how Allah would bring life back to all the dead people.
Allah took away Uzair’s life and gave him death to show him. he was dead for 100 years, and after 100 years, Allah gave Prophet Uzair’s life back.

He thought he had slept for a few hours, but then he saw his dead donkey. Its bones were very old and broken, and some of the bones even turned into dust, and like a miracle, all the bones came back together and joined with each other. The flesh covered the bones, and the donkey got its shape.

When the dead donkey got its life back, it stood up and began to make a noise. Prophet Uzair(A) realized that Allah has power over everything.

After people get their lives back on the day of judgment, they will become very surprised and scared. They will ask each other what’s going on!

The bad people especially will become extremely scared and ask who woke them up from the dead, and it will be that day that Allah and his prophets warned us about.

The earth will also bring out all of the information about our actions in our lifetime. On that day, Allah will be the witness for all of our good and bad actions on Allah’s orders, and the earth will start to talk, and the earth will tell every action that we ever did in this world.

That’s why Prophet Muhammad(S) told us to be careful about the earth because the earth witnesses everything that we do. On that day, even our body parts will start to talk and report all of our good and bad actions on the day of judgment.

There will be many witnesses so that no one can protest against Allah’s judgment. All of the people will be in different groups to see all of their actions during their lifetime. Even very small actions will be counted and judged.

Prophet Muhammad(S) advised us not to ignore our small sins because the small sins will pile up and give us trouble on the day of judgment. He also advised us to do all kinds of good deeds. Even a small donation like a date fruit or smile could save us on the day of judgment and always ask forgiveness for our big and small bad actions, there is no other hope besides Allah, and he loves to forgive us no matter how big or small our sins are.

If we believe in him and ask for forgiveness, Insha Allah, he will save us from hellfire. Indeed, Allah is the most merciful and kind. May Allah forgive all of our sins and save us from hellfire. Ameen.

Important Facts of Surah Zilzal

  1. Surah Zilzal was named after the last word of the first sentence of this Surah.
  2. Allah sent this Surah during the first few years of Islam
  3. Zilzal means earthquake
  4. Zilzal is the 99th number Surah in the Quran
  5. Surah Zilzal has only eight short ayats.
  6. Whoever believes in the day of judgment will know how to be careful even for a small sin.

So, with all of this quranic information, may Allah help us understand the lessons of Surah Zilzal and apply the lessons to our life.

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