Musa(Moses) in Surahs of the Quran

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Pharaohs vs Israelites

Prophet Musa (as) is considered a Prophet, Messenger, and Leader in Islam.

He is the most frequently mentioned individual in the Quran.

The Quran states that Allah sent Musa to the Pharaoh of Egypt and the Israelites for guidance and warning.

The Story of Prophet Musa (as) Prophet Musa (as) grew up as a Prince!

The Pharaohs who ruled over Egypt were cruel towards the descendants of Yaqub (as). The descendants were known as the children of Israel.

They were kept as enslaved people and forced to work for small wages, and sometimes even for nothing!

The Pharaoh wanted the Israelites to obey him and worship only his false Gods!

This way, many dynasties came to Egypt and assumed they were Gods or their representative spokesmen. Years passed, and a very cruel man named Phir’oun was the Pharaoh now.

He hated the Israelites very much. He punished the Israelites at every given opportunity. He hated to see them multiplying and prospering in his kingdom.

Dream of Pharaoh

One night when the Pharaoh was sleeping, he had a dream! In his dream, he saw that a huge ball of fire came from the sky and burned down the city. The fire burned all Egyptians’ houses, but the Israelites’ houses stayed unharmed!

The Pharaoh was horrified! He didn’t understand what the dream meant.

So, the next day…

musa moses egypt

He called his priests and magicians and asked them about his dream.

The priests said to him .”This means that a boy will be born to the Israelites very soon. Egyptians are going to perish at the hands of this boy!”

The Pharaoh got very angry! He ordered to kill every male child born to the Israelites!

Pharaoh’s order was carried out, and the soldiers began to kill every male child born to the Israelites!

Prophet Musa or Moses

At that time, Prophet Musa (as) was born. He was born to a poor Israelite family and had another sister and an elder brother named Haroon (as).

Allah (SWT) had a plan for the Prophet.

He ordered his mother to place him in a basket and allow it to float downstream in the great Nile river! Musa (as) ‘s mother did as she was told, letting him float in the river. Her heart grieved for her son!

However, she knew that Allah(SWT) cared for her son and that no harm would come to him.

As the basket floated away, she asked her daughter to follow the basket downstream and ensure no harm came to her son. The basket floated in the river for a long time, and the Prophet’s sister followed the basket as her mother had instructed.

Allah(SWT) guided the basket, and after floating on the river Nile for some time, the basket entered a small stream.

Kid Musa in Pharaoh kings house

The Pharaoh’s wife was bathing in that stream, and when she saw the basket, she asked her servants to bring it ashore.

When she saw the baby, she just fell in love with him. Pharaoh’s wife was very different from the Pharaoh.

She was a believer, and she was also merciful. She was longing for a child, so when she saw the baby, she hugged and kissed him.

Pharaoh was surprised when he saw his wife hugging and kissing the baby. He was astonished as he saw her weeping with joy, which he had never seen before!

“Let me keep this baby and let him be a son to us,” she requested her husband.
The Pharaoh couldn’t refuse her, and they decided to adopt the baby.

After some time, the baby started getting hungry and crying. The queen summoned a few wet nurses to feed the baby, but he refused to take any of their breast milk.

It was then that the soldiers brought the sister to the queen.

“This girl was following the basket,” they told her. Then the sister replied
“I was just following the basket out of curiosity, your highness.” When she saw her brother crying, she was worried, and she blurted out

“I know someone who can feed him.”

The queen agreed and ordered the soldiers to fetch the woman the little girl was talking about.

The Prophet’s sister then brought their mother, and she started to feed him. As the child was put on her breast, he immediately started suckling the milk.

The Pharaoh, who was watching all this, was astonished and asked, “Who are you? This child has refused to take any other breast, but yours?”

The mother of the Prophet knew that if she told them the truth, they would kill them immediately. So she told them, “I am a woman of sweet milk and sweet smell. That’s why no child refuses me.”
Her answer satisfied the Pharaoh, and she was appointed as his nurse.

The incident between an Egyptian & an Israelites

Allah(SWT) granted him good health, strength, knowledge, and wisdom! He had a kind heart, so the weak and the oppressed often turned to him to seek help.

One day, while walking in the city, he saw an Egyptian soldier beating an Israelite. When the Israelites saw the Prophet, he begged him for his help.

The Prophet decided to help the poor man and asked the soldier to stop beating the Israelites.

The soldier questioned his authority and said something that angered the Prophet.

The Prophet first tried to reason with the soldier, but he was not
willing to listen.

moses pharaoh story

Then the Prophet stepped forward and hit the soldier with such a powerful blow that he collapsed and died!

When he realized what he had done, a cold sweat broke out
on his forehead, He said to himself

“This is the evil work of Shaitan. He misled me.”

The Prophet knew it was a sin to kill anyone until he was brought to trial and found guilty. He knelt on the ground
and prayed to Allah(SWT)

“O, my Lord! I have indeed wronged my soul. Please forgive me.”

The next day he saw the same Israelite fighting with another man. The Prophet helped the weaker one and said

“You seem to be involved in fights daily with one or the other.”

The Israelites got scared and said

“I’m so sorry.

Please don’t kill me like how you killed the soldier yesterday.”

Musa fled from Egypt

The Egyptian with whom the Israelite was fighting overheard the remarks, and he reported this to the authorities.

The next day, a man came running to him when Musa (as) was walking in the city.

“Musa! The soldiers are coming to arrest you! Get away while there is still time!” said the man.

The Prophet knew that the penalty for killing an Egyptian was death. So he decided to leave Egypt.

The Prophet left Egypt in a hurry, so he didn’t even bother to change his clothes.

He was not prepared for traveling, so he didn’t have an animal to ride or a caravan. He had left as soon as the man warned him.

So If we take this post as part one, here are the other parts of Musa’s (A) story

Part 2: Story of Musa, conversation with Allah 

Part 3: Musa returns to Egypt, conflict with the Pharaoh

Part 4: Remaining life of Musa, Struggle with the Israelites

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